Why Us?

Foot or toe trauma concept. Podiatry doctor giving X ray to patient with plaster on ankle. Vector illustration for podiatrist, physical therapist, feet disease treatment, surgery topics“Dr. Hoy listened to my concerns and did a thorough examination.  He reviewed all of the solutions and treatments with me and we agreed on a conservative approach.  This is the first Seattle podiatrist I’ve visited who hasn’t immediately suggested outfitting me in expensive, custom orthotics as the supreme cure-all.  Dr. Hoy was very knowledgeable, considerate and professional.  His office manager, Ava is delightful and very accommodating.  I can confidently recommend a visit to Dr. Hoy for any foot and ankle issues.” -Denis A. 

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Would you see a specialist for a problem with your heart?  Your back?  Why not your feet?  Healthy, pain-free feet are vital to keeping you active and healthy!

Podiatrists attend four years of podiatric medical school and a multi-year, hospital-based residency to become the specialists in the foot and ankle.  So if you experience pain, injuries, or changes to the condition of your feet and ankles, see a podiatrist for specialized care.

Our office specializes in safe, reliable, compassionate podiatry care.  There are many factors to consider when choosing a provider in Seattle for your foot or ankle problem.  Here are some important ones:

1. Is your provider board certified in non-surgical foot and ankle care?  There are many conditions that are not treated with surgery as firstline.  You may need imaging studies, lab studies, medication, orthotics or physical therapy.  The board recognized to certify these skills is the American Board of Podiatric MedicineDr. Hoy is certified by this board.

2. Is your provider board certified in foot surgery?  If there is an abscess or infection in the foot, a displaced and broken bone, or a painful deformity, you want your podiatrist to know about addressing it surgically.  The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery is the certifying board that has the highest standards for foot surgery.  Dr. Hoy is also certified by this board.

3. Is your provider involved in academics?  Doctors who teach keep up with the latest advancements in the field.  Since 2005 Dr. Hoy, who trained in the University of California San Francisco/Stanford University medical system, has been a Teaching Associate with the University of Washington School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine.  He teaches Family Medicine residents from the Swedish Cherry Hill Family Medicine Residency.  He has also served as a wound care and surgery attending physician for the local foot and ankle surgery residency program, and provided clinical experiences for nurses and pre-medical and allied health students.

4. How experienced is your provider and practice? Dr. Hoy has been in practice since 2000, and the practice has been serving patients since 1990.  Many patients have given reviews and testimonials about Dr. Hoy’s services.  Our office has been an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau since 2005 with A+ rating .  We are team players and do not hesitate to refer to a network of providers to give the best results.

BBB Accredited Business. Rating: A+

5. What is the scope of your provider’s services?  Does the doctor only do surgery, only make orthotics, only provide care for nails?  Will they treat all conditions with a variety of services?  Dr. Hoy thoroughly manages all conditions of the foot and ankles for all ages, with a comprehensive variety of services.

6. Is your provider certified in practice management?  There are regulations and standards of running a good medical practice. Dr. Hoy has three practice management certifications, through the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management and American Institute of Healthcare Compliance.  Our staff also has healthcare education, certification and relevant experience.

7. How important is cost-effective care?  Our goal is to find the treatment that will give you complete relief at the lowest cost.  As a point-of-service practice, we explain to your insurance benefits to you and collect responsibilities at the time of service instead of giving no information and a large bill later.  We are also not part of a large corporation.  Hospitals and hospital-owned practices usually charge a facility fee on top of the provider fees, increasing the cost of care; we don’t do that.  Dr. Hoy only maintains hospital privileges at Swedish Medical Center for surgery and inpatient care.

8. How important is personalized care?  Our practice is a solo practice.  We have one doctor who has been here at the same location since 2004.  We are innovative and responsive.  It is easy to get a hold of us and make an appointment.

9. Does your practice protect the privacy and security of your personal information?  Our office is PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a widely accepted set of policies and procedures intended to optimize the security of credit, debit and cash card transactions and protect cardholders against misuse of their personal information. The HIPAA Privacy Rule creates national standards to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information.

10. FAQs:

  • Why should I spend more to see a specialist when my primary care doctor can treat my feet?
    There are plenty of places to pinch your pennies, but health care isn’t one of them.  Pain or other problems in your feet and ankles can have serious implications for your overall health, particularly if you have diabetes, vascular disease, or other chronic conditions.  Seek care from a specialist.  A podiatrist can often diagnose and treat your foot or ankle condition most efficiently, as well, saving you time and money in the long run.  Ask for a referral or schedule today!
  • Can’t my local urgent care facility treat my foot problem?
    Urgent care is great for a minor ailment or injury, but it’s not right for every condition.  For chronic foot or ankle pain, fractures, or other traumatic injuries, see a podiatrist, your foot and ankle specialist, for the right diagnosis and a proper treatment plan to get you on the mend, and feel better faster!

We hope that these suggestions are helpful in assisting you to choose a foot and ankle care professional.  Thank you.

“Dr. Hoy is amazing!!! Each time I’ve seen him, twice, he’s taught me how to care for my feet better. He did not do anything invasive as my past experiences were with other podiatrists. And he has a very gentle demeanor. I have recommended him to many. The Foot Angel for sure.” -Maude M.