Injuries and Sports Medicine

Whether you are a worker, a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, injuries can happen at the most inopportune time.  Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) are first aid for a foot injury, but if your pain is not improved within 24 hours, or if you cannot bear weight on the injury or notice severe swelling or bruising, it’s time to call your podiatrist for an emergency appointment. Podiatrists provide specialized care for foot and ankle injuries, from conservative treatment to surgical intervention. With urgent referrals accepted, we can correctly identify the cause and effectively treat the problem to minimize downtime in your work and personal life. Check out the types of injuries and other conditions we treat.

foot and ankle orthopaedics

Foot and ankle injuries are common among people who participate in sports. Several factors can contribute to these injuries, including failing to stretch or warm up properly, not wearing the proper type of shoe, and not taping or providing other types of support for the ankle or foot. The most common foot and ankle injuries suffered by people involved in sports are plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, and Achilles tendon damage or ruptures. If not treated properly, these conditions can lead to long-lasting problems.

Treating these injuries is relatively simple if they are identified and addressed early. Many athletes dismiss the initial aches and pains associated with injury as soreness or tired muscles. Their first response is often to try working through the pain, which can lead to serious problems. Many minor injuries become more serious when athletes continue to put strain and pressure on them. Athletes should have unusual aches and pains evaluated by a skilled, licensed medical professional.

casting for sports medicine or work injuries

Dr. Hoy is a sports podiatrist who has worked with the Special Olympics and professional athletes, and is an Associate Member of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.  He has also been an Independent Medical Examiner for the State of Washington, invited to serve on multiple consultation panels to assess and make recommendations regarding on-the-job and other injuries.

Our office has on-site x-ray technology as well as the full array of taping, casts and healing shoes to prevent an injury from getting worse.  We also perform extracorporeal shockwave therapy, make custom orthotics and partner with the best in imaging, physical therapy and consultative care to diagnose the problem correctly and work to achieve your specific goals.  Finally, Dr. Hoy performs reconstructive trauma surgery of the foot, both bony and soft tissue repairs.

For more information on injuries for specific sports, please click this link.

“Recurrent sporting and orthopedic challenges have meant I have visited podiatrists before. Dr Hoy compares extremely favorably with the best I had previously attended, from prompt, courteous and thorough front desk support to detailed history, careful examination and thorough explanation of the pathology and proposed management.” -Dr. Stephen S., MD