custom prescription functional and accommodative orthotics

Orthotics comprise a large part of our practice.  The science of orthotic therapy was started at the medical school from which Dr. Hoy graduated.  The first professors who invented and taught on the subject of orthotics were from the California College of Podiatric Medicine, which has traditionally been the most stringent, advanced and innovative in the field.  Board Certified in the field of podiatric orthopedics, Dr. Hoy takes great pride in his experience in making custom orthotics.  This gives patients the assurance that orthotics made are accurate to pathology and backed up by education and training.

Orthotics have become a burgeoning industry.  Many stores are now touting “custom” devices, and ads are constantly being broadcast on television.  Dr. Hoy clarifies the myriad of available choices to help you focus on what type of device you need for your foot type and pathology.  This includes functional and accommodative devices.  If custom prescription orthotics are needed, Dr. Hoy will guide you to determine if they are covered by insurance and make the best device available.

Background material for patients considering orthotics:

1. What Is An Orthotic?

2. Prescription Orthotics

3. Getting the Most from Your Orthotics

“My orthotics are working well, and Dr. Hoy and the staff are a pleasure to work with. I am glad I found this practice for my foot care needs.” -Linda P.

“I was a patient of J. John Hoy, DPM, FACFAS, FACFAOM seeking help to get new orthotics to address my knee pain. He was on schedule, knowledgeable, and kind. He was also able to address toe issues that I had been having troubles with- immediate pain relief. Lucky for me I dont need to see him very often, but so appreciate that he has his practice in Seattle.” -Elizabeth C.

“Excellent! I followed what Dr. Hoy said to do to get rid of plantar fasciitis, and it worked–never came back.” -Kendel L.