We prevent, diagnose and treat all conditions affecting the foot and ankle, including injuries and deformities, from the simple to complex, in patients of all ages.  We also detect diseases that exhibit warning signs in the lower extremities such as diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Hoy has the experience to effectively diagnose your foot pain and recommend the best course of action for treatment. He looks for conservative, non-surgical solutions first. However, when conservative methods are not producing the expected results, then surgery may be the necessary option to resolve the condition.

Dr. Hoy is experienced in treating injuries and sports medicine, bunions and hammertoes, arthritis, infections, diabetic foot and wound care, and orthotics.  He is also a specialist in reconstructive foot surgery and limb preservation. We work closely with your primary care provider and other specialists to coordinate your total care.

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We perform a variety of medical, biomechanical and surgical services, including:

Injuries and Sports Medicine: x-rays, casts, shockwave therapy, physical therapy and hospital foot trauma surgery

Surgery: reconstructive foot surgery such as bunions and hammertoes, non-reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery, and office surgeries

Custom Orthotics: prescription corrective devices of all types

Diabetic Wound Carehospital consults, limb salvage, wound care, vascular testing, and urgent care

Non-surgical Care: board-certified conservative and non-surgical treatments

Pediatrics and Geriatricsmedicine and surgery for children and our community elders

“Recurrent sporting and orthopedic challenges have meant I have visited podiatrists before. Dr Hoy compares extremely favorably with the best I had previously attended, from prompt, courteous and thorough front desk support to detailed history, careful examination and thorough explanation of the pathology and proposed management.” -Dr. Stephen S., MD