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“Dr. Hoy’s work is professional and really first rate.” -David S.

Services Provided.  Please review our Services page to learn about the services provided by Dr. J. John Hoy.  Medicine and surgery is specialized, and we may utilize other providers to achieve the best results.  If you have questions about whether a specific service is provided in this office, please email Dr. Hoy at the address below.

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Scheduling and Registration. Please use the Schedule Button above or reach out to us.  After scheduling you will receive two notifications via email and/or text: 1) a new patient orientation, 2) new patient paperwork through Mozart MD.

Insurance and Billing.  Our team is certified in billing and collections compliance, practice management in addition to medicine and surgery, and have many years of experience in the industry.  Our goal is to find the treatment that will give you complete relief at the lowest cost.

Our office works with most insurance plans, including Cigna, Aetna, Regence, Premera, Meritain, United Healthcare, First Choice, Kaiser Permanente and Medicare.  We verify insurance for referral status, eligibility and patient responsibilities.  Payment is due at the time of each service, as follows:

  1. Private pay and copays collected are a set amount.
  2. We also collect a deposit at the time of services for certain services that are known to not be covered by insurances, as well as deductibles and coinsurances.  Deductibles, coinsurances and deposits for likely non-covered services collected are an estimated amount, subject to further billing or credit after submission to insurance.

We will reach out to you regarding payments due at the time of the appointment.  Since fees are based on time and complexity, until the condition is evaluated, we are unable to provide complete information regarding total cost, or what is involved in a course of treatment.

Please click for more information about how billing works in our office, and how costs are calculated.

Our office is PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant. We protect your personal financial and health information.

Preparing for Your Appointment.  Please click here for directions and parking.  Most appointments are a half hour in length.  Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time and allow for 30 minutes after your appointment end time.  The first visit is for consultation, with elective procedures on subsequent visits.

Please review our Patient Appointment Checklist and Policies and Procedures to make the most of your appointment. It is the responsibility of the patient, not the referring doctor or our office, to gather all necessary insurance referrals and medical records for the appointment.  Imaging studies are helpful for the diagnosis and treatment of your condition.  We accept all imaging studies including x-rays, bone scans, MRIs and CTs.  Studies usually come with images and a radiologist written report.  For bone scans, MRIs and CTs, this report is required.  If the report is not available for these but only the images, the study is incomplete and cannot be considered as part of your treatment with Dr. Hoy.  Foot and ankle x-ray images alone without the radiologist report are accepted, but please keep in mind that new images may need to be taken here in the office during your appointment to evaluate the progress of the condition.  Please also keep in mind that Dr. Hoy may not have access to where the information is stored, such as your doctor or hospital’s electronic medical record system, and there may be computer compatibility issues with disks, where the information is not accessible.  We will do our best to ensure that the information contained in outside medical records are included in your evaluation and treatment.

Dr. Hoy only addresses medical questions.  Please make sure your cell phone number is listed in your registration forms as Dr. Hoy responds by secure text, or encrypted email if you do not have a mobile phone.   Ava Haroldson is your contact person for any administrative questions.  For questions regarding invoices please contact the number on your bill.

“Very professional and prompt service. Will return to Dr. Hoy for all my foot needs. Ava was friendly and handled intake and billing quickly.” -Mike W.