New Patients



“Dr. Hoy had the highest rating, the best training and seemed to be the most professional. I chose to see him despite his office being downtown and I have to depend on others for transportation. I was not disappointed. He was attentive to my needs, thorough and thoughtful. The service and recommendations he gave were very helpful and gave relief for my foot pain.” -Doris Diane D., 12/23/2017

Our practice welcomes and appreciates all our patients and referral sources.  Referring providers please click here.

Scheduling appointments.  Please call us or use the this application.  We will contact you for health insurance verification, orientation and appointment confirmation. Please also carefully review and fill out the New Patient Paperwork.  Please send them to us via secure and private e-mail  ( or fax (206-686-2184) as soon as possible, along with an enlarged copy of the front and back of your insurance card(s) and a list of your medications with dosages.  Please also review our New Patient Tips to make the most of your appointment.

What to expect during your appointment: “My approach to care is to know you as a patient, your day to day activities on your feet, and what your goals are.  I know the feet, and you know you.  I will make sure all items of medical concern are covered.  I will thoroughly examine all the systems of the foot and ankle, and correlate that with the systems of whole body.  With that information I can make a proper diagnosis and get your feedback regarding all the personalized treatment options available, from the simplest to the most invasive, including utilizing other specialists as necessary.  After we choose the treatment option together, I will guide you through every step of the way and reassess to see how everything is working out.”  -Dr. Hoy

Here are some reasons to see us:

  • An injury (a sprain, broken bone, etc.)
  • A medical condition (diabetes, poor circulation, etc.) that can affect the feet
  • Impaired ability to function in certain activities
  • Heel pain in the morning
  • Any painful condition of the foot, ankle or lower leg
  • Discomfort after standing for awhile
  • Changes in the appearance of your foot or ankle
  • An abnormal growth

We treat all symptoms and conditions affecting the foot and ankle, such as:

  • bunions,
  • heel pain (plantar fasciitis),
  • flatfoot,
  • foot or ankle arthritis,
  • sports injuries,
  • tendon disorders,
  • fractures (broken bones),
  • diabetes complications,
  • ingrown toenails,
  • neuromas,
  • dermatological conditions,
  • tingly feet,
  • hammertoes
  • and much more.

Insurances.  Our office accepts most insurance plans, including Cigna, Aetna, Regence, Premera, United Healthcare, First Choice and Kaiser Permanente. We work hard to minimize billing surprises.  Our team is trained, certified and experienced in insurance, billing and coding.  We verify for referral status, eligibility and deductibles and collect at the time of service.  Please see the Scheduling FAQs for more information.

“Ava and Dr. Hoy were very professional and friendly. My experience was very smooth and stress free. Ava works with your insurance company to figure out your coverage and Dr. Hoy is a bright smiling face. His exams are very thorough and you leave with a solid plan of action!” -Gabrielle A., 5/10/2018

“Very efficient office staff and setup. Dr. Hoy did a thorough examination for my plantar fasciitis. He has a very pragmatic approach and had me buy some reasonably priced orthotics from Nordstrom in the building downstairs. Cost was very reasonable–$125 for 30 min new patient visit.”  -Todd S., 5/9/2019

Why us?  Click to learn about how to choose a podiatrist, our profession, read a fact sheet, and why see a podiatrist.  Please feel free to look around our website to find out more about our practice.

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We care that you have the best experience possible and are responsive to feedback to improve our service to you.  Please fill out our patient survey.  If you find our services helpful, please tell a friend or family member.  Thank you.

“Next day appointments, on time reception, combined with attentive and thoughtful care — are the ingredients of a first rate experience.” -Nicholas B., 6/18/2015

“Great Experience. Dr. Hoy and team are friendly and genuinely care for the well being of patients.” -Karthik S., 7/15/2015