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“This is a welcoming place and my doctor was amazing. He always made me laugh even during my pain. I would recommend this place to anyone.” -Adria M., 7/26/2015

Staffed by Seattle natives, this office has been serving patients since 1990 at the same location.  Our strength comes from attaining the highest level of education and certification to perform the best possible service.  We strive to ensure that patients understand all aspects of their care.  As Dr. Hoy is a certified compliance professional, we have a clear commitment to be in compliance with all federal insurance regulations and applicable federal laws.  Our office is a member of the Greater Seattle Business Association.

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“I am totally satisfied with the fine experience I have had Dr. John Hoy and staff at the Downtown Foot and Ankle Center.” -Father Thomas, 6/21/2015

“Finding a doctor’s office with not only a phenomenal doctor, but an awesome receptionist is nearly impossible these days. But that’s exactly what I encountered at Dr. Hoy’s podiatry practice. I had come in for my 1:30pm Thursday appointment on Wednesday by mistake. When my mistake had been discovered by Ava, Dr. Hoy’s receptionist, she went to work to immediately to get me seen that day by doing some creative rescheduling, instead of having me come back all the way downtown the next day. I was warmly greeted by Dr. Hoy and was impressed by the number of diplomas and letters of thanks that hung on the wall. Dr. Hoy took the time to really listen to me and my concerns regarding the issue with my foot and did not make me suffer in pain needlessly while performing the necessary aspiration procedure. He really went out of his way to make sure I was sufficiently medicated and seated comfortably for the entire procedure, asking me repeatedly along the way if I was okay and if I needed to take a break. He talked me through the process, explaining everything he was doing as he was doing it, answering every one of my questions thoroughly, and making conversation with me to keep my mind off of what he was doing. His 18 years of experience shines through by way of his excellent bedside manner and professionalism. Generally speaking, I try to avoid going to the doctor because, it seems to me, that most doctors these days are not worried about the welfare of their patients, but more about the amount of money they can make. Let me assure you that Dr. Hoy DOES NOT fall into the latter category. I can say this with certainty due to the fact that I have Medicare, not private insurance, and because I was treated like someone who paid cash. Also, I rarely ever publicly post a review because I don’t believe that most people deserve such sterling recommendations. But this is one that is definitely warranted. It is my opinion Dr. Hoy’s practice is what the standard should be judged by. Thank you, Ava and Dr. Hoy. For once, I can finally say, “I’m looking forward to my next appointment” and really mean it.” -Shellan H., 7/12/2018