Foot Surgery

“I have had 2 separate foot surgeries through Dr Hoy, and both times I felt very comfortable with the procedures Dr Hoy recommended. He is knowledgeable in is field, and takes time to listens to his patient’s concerns. I would highly recommend him for your foot needs!” -Mary T.

The sheer complexity of the human foot makes it a frequent cause of pain and injury for many people.  Deformities, infections, injuries and arthritis of the foot and ankle can severely and unnecessarily limit a patient’s quality of life.

Our experienced Seattle podiatrist, Dr. John Hoy, works with each patient to find the most effective treatment plan for the individual condition. The best outcome is our first priority, so the most conservative approach is usually emphasized to resolve your symptoms of foot pain or ankle pain.

Sometimes foot and ankle conditions do not resolve with non-surgical care, may benefit from early surgical intervention, or require urgent surgery, such as in the case of infections and injuries. Surgery is only recommended and performed when it’s the best solution.  When surgery is needed, you need an experienced, trained, board certified surgeon to guide and reassure success.

Dr. Hoy is Board Certified in Foot Surgery, has been in practice since 2000, and performs the whole range of foot surgeries, from the simplest of office surgeries to some of the most advanced reconstructive foot surgeries.  He cares that you have a good surgical result, and will only offer surgical options that have a good chance of success.  We also partner with other centers of excellence in the local area to extend the breadth of surgical options available to our patients, including reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery.

Podiatric services from Dr. Hoy encompass everything you need in qualified, compassionate medical care. In addition to certification in non-surgical podiatry, he is board certified in Foot Surgery by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery (ABFAS). He is also a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, the recognized surgical specialists of podiatry.

Patients needing surgery should look for a board-certified surgeon like Dr. Hoy, who has successfully completed the intensive certification process. The ABFAS requires four years of post-doctoral clinical experience, fulfill an approved residency, do a wide range of surgical procedures, and complete an extensive certification process.

“Dr. Hoy is extremely conscientious and provides many treatment options. My surgery ended up with increased range of motion and less pain in my foot.”  -Debra

We understand your concerns, and we treat patients the same way we would want to be treated. Dr. Hoy will discuss every aspect of your treatment plan with you, including non-surgical procedures. For those conditions that require surgery, your foot and ankle surgeon focuses on mending, not simply cutting.

Full knowledge of your condition and options allows you to make an informed treatment decision.  We will discuss goals and expectations, especially with severe deformities or end stage disease.  If surgery is needed, Dr. Hoy will explain fully what is involved, risks and benefits as well as recovery.  He will work with your primary care physician to make sure you are healthy enough for surgery.  Dr. Hoy will prepare and guide you through all your questions throughout the healing process to ensure the best outcome possible, to increase mobility and activities.

Understanding Your Foot or Ankle Surgery

Dr. Hoy performs in-office surgeries, such as for:

“Please accept this late review of the surgery you performed on my feet.  After several weeks of “testing” the results of your surgery, I am most delighted with the recovery I have made.  Both feet have recovered and I am using them as if I never had any problems.  Should I be asked for a recommendation I will enthusiastically recommend you, Dr. Hoy.  I close this message with a warm greeting about your staff.  They complement the professional work you perform by making me, as a patient, welcome and important.  I close this note by saying Thank You Doctor for your superb medical support.” -Pi M

He is also on staff at Swedish Medical Center, Ballard campus, one of the finest hospitals in the Seattle metropolitan area, where he also treats patients in the inpatient hospital setting.  Some of the common surgeries Dr. Hoy performs includes:

Some of the most common in-hospital reconstructive surgeries Dr. Hoy performs are for the following conditions:

“Great doctor. Dr Hoy operated on my broken foot last year, was attentive and great follow up. Ava is very nice too:) highly recommend.” -John B.