Schedule an Appointment With Dr. Hoy


Easily schedule your appointment at anytime in the comfort of your home or office, or the palm of your hand.

1. Click the “Schedule Now” button.  Select an appointment time and enter additional appointment details. You may need to navigate between weeks by clicking the arrows in the upper right-hand corner until you find an available appointment time.  If you have an urgent condition such as an injury or bacterial infection and need a sooner urgent care appointment, please phone or text 206-682-8741 or write to check for availability.

2. Confirm your appointment details and click Request appointment.

3. Dr. Hoy’s office will receive your request and will notify you via email if your request has been confirmed, or denied, usually because someone else submitted a request for the slot already.  If that is the case please go back and choose another convenient time after we inform you.

Upon confirmation, if you are a new patient you will also receive an orientation email, new patient paperwork, and patient portal registration to manage your appointments.

Thank you and welcome to the practice!!