Schedule an Appointment With Dr. Hoy

My experience at Dr. Hoy’s office was fast, caring, and productive. I was able to quickly get scheduled (impossible these days!) and Dr. Hoy provided a variety of options – from at-home care to in-office treatments. Billing was clear and straightforward.” -Melanie R.

1. Please review the Patient Information page, and the information below, for important instructions from our practice prior to scheduling an appointment.

2. Select an appointment time below.  Please keep clicking the right arrow (>) to look into the future as needed until you find an available appointment time.  If there are no times listed for a certain date, that day is fully booked and/or no appointments are available.  If you require an earlier appointment please see below regarding the waiting list service, or forward an urgent referral from another healthcare practitioner, such as a primary care provider, urgent care or emergency department.

3. Confirm your appointment details.  Click Finish to submit.  Please see below if you are entering a minor’s birthdate that is not available.

The Reason for the Visit section can be used:  a) to describe the problem or condition that is bringing you in;  b) to enter a minor patient’s birthdate if you are a parent or guardian; [Please enter your birthdate on the form first and we will change it manually.] c) to indicate the date and time of an original appointment you wish to cancel if you schedule for a second, earlier appointment.

4. Dr. Hoy’s office will receive your request and will notify you via email if your request has been confirmed, or denied (usually because someone else submitted a request for the slot already).  If that is the case please go back and choose another convenient time after we inform you.

5. Required paperwork.  Our preferred mode of communicating important information to you is secure text and email, so please be sure to check your texts and emails.  Secure text links expire in 48 hours if not opened and can always be resent upon request.  Upon appointment confirmation, if you are a new patient, you will receive two notifications via email and text: 1) a new patient orientation, 2) new patient paperwork through Mozart MD.  The paperwork must be submitted as soon as possible within 24 hours of scheduling, along with the front and back of your insurance cards via text, email or uploading to the portal tab above.  Please also forward new copies of insurance cards as soon as you receive them.  If we are unable to reach you through any listed form of contact to obtain the required information your appointment will be cancelled.

6. Waiting list service.  If you wish to be notified if an earlier appointment becomes available through cancellation or reschedule, please first register for an existing appointment.  If you are a new patient, completion and submission of new patient paperwork and insurance information is a pre-requisite for placement on the waiting list.  To be placed on a waiting list, please phone 206-682-8741text 206-258-7025 or write to  Move-ups can be automatic or upon your confirmation.

7. Most appointments are a half hour in length.  The first visit is for consultation, with elective procedures on subsequent visits.  Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time and allow for 30 minutes after your appointment end time.  Our appointments are in-person.  Please review the Directions and Parking well in advance of coming to the appointment.

Thank you and welcome to the practice!!

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