Foot Pain Doctor Seattle

Having seen a wide variety of patients of different ages, occupations, activities over the past 20 years, Dr. Hoy has one suggestion to minimize foot pain.

The single most important treatment for foot pain is to wear a good quality, supportive shoe.

Oftentimes, people choose shoes for the style and look.  However, to avoid and treat foot pain, shoes should be chosen for function.

Dr. Hoy is often asked what brands of shoes are good.  However, it is more important to consider the quality of the shoe itself, instead of the brand.  Certain brands can make bad shoes, and inexpensive brands can be good shoes.

If you have foot pain, Dr. Hoy can assess your shoes to see if they contribute to or provide healing for your foot pain.

By assessing each shoe for function, one can go a long way towards comfort and curing painful foot conditions.

There may also be other causes for the pain, and we at Seattle Foot and Ankle Center in Seattle, Washington, can evaluate those and come up with a workable plan to get you back on your feet.