Foot Skin Problems


“Dr. Hoy was thorough in explaining my problem(s) and my options for care. He provided skillful and conservative care and I left feeling much better than when I arrived.” -Mark V., 3/16/2018

One of the largest areas of foot and ankle problems is the skin.  Many skin and nail conditions are treated in the office with medications or simple procedures.  Dr. Hoy’s practice spans from Mill Creek to Auburn, Seattle to Bellevue, where he sees patients in various care settings in addition to the office, including nursing home, assisted living, memory care and adult family home.

“Good attention was given to my foot problems and I will continue to use this service.” -Jack F., 7/4/2017

In addition to surgical certification, Dr. Hoy is Board Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine.  This is the highest level of training and education available in non-surgical foot and ankle care.  Board certification provides the assurance to both the public and health professionals that the highest level of achievement has been attained in the specialty area.

ABPM Certified

ABPM-certified podiatrists include other methods of treatment besides surgery including:

  1. Biological–such as medications,
  2. Biomechanical–such as orthotics and padding,
  3. Rehabilitative, and
  4. Behavioral sciences.

“I found Dr. JOHN HOY very knowledgeable, passionate and willing to understand and cater to the needs of his patients during treatment. His staff is nice and welcoming with good customer service. I got a pimple like stuff on the outer side of my right foot, which I mistakenly thought to be a corn/callus for 2 months. When it started becoming painful and causing problems in walking for me, I went to Dr. John Hoy’s office which is close to my workplace in downtown.

Dr. Hoy was quick to identify that it was a Wart and not any corn/callus. He answered all my questions pertaining to treatment and clearly told me the treatment options with timeline for each. I have been going to his office for treatment 3 times so far over past 1.5 months, and I am seeing lot of improvement & recovery in my foot by now.” -Gurpreet S., 6/18/2015