Seattle and Eastside Long-Term Care Podiatry Service

Dr. John Hoy is a podiatrist who has worked in various different types of senior living facilities for 15 years, serving the Greater Seattle and Eastside area of King County.  He currently provides foot and ankle care services in the following cities: Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Kenmore, Bothell, Shoreline, Seatac, Federal Way, Auburn, Kent.  He works with the following types of facilities:

1. Skilled nursing facility.  These are also called health care centers, and look like hospital wards with a nursing station.  They provide care for seniors with the greatest need, such as those who are bedbound, need tube feeding, wheelchair-bound, or need help transferring, eating or bathing.  Residents may also have had a major injury, illness or hospitalization, and may be staying at this type of facility for a short time.  They are one step below the care typically given in a hospital.

2. Adult family home.  These are houses usually privately owned by a nurse, and staffed by nursing assistants.  These staff members often live on site.  They care for patients who have a wide range of needs.  Some homes may have patients who come and go as they please.  Other homes may have patients who have mental health issues.  Others homes may house those with dementia.  Yet others, those with physical needs similar to patients in skilled nursing facilities.  There is a set number of residents who can live in these houses, usually around 6.  This represents a low staff to patient ratio.  Some nurses may own multiple homes and group patients in the various homes with similar needs.  Others may have one home with patients representing a range of needs.

3. Senior living communities.  These are larger facilities with dozens or hundreds of residents, and may be part of a large chain of facilities.  They may offer different levels of care.  Independent living patients have very minimal services provided by the staff of the facility.  It is very much like apartment living, where the patient handles their own affairs, and may participate in the activities of the facility.  Assisted living patients usually remain in the facility and have some services provided.  Outside conveniences are often brought in.  There may be meals provided, exercise programs, a gym, a pool, games, a hair salon, massage.  One nurse may be present to coordinate medications for the entire facility, and there may be nursing assistants to administer the medications.  Memory care patients are required to remain in their unit, and have activities that help them to remember their past, such as childhood games or songs.

The above descriptions are also given for families to understand options available to their loved ones.  Podiatrists are typically invited to come to the facility to attend to the foot and ankle medical and surgical needs of residents on a 61-day interval, according to Medicare guidelines. 

To better care for those with dementia, Dr. Hoy has been certified by the Alzheimer’s Association in their essentiALZ Dementia Care and essentiALZ Plus Dementia Advanced Care certifications.  He also brightens the lives of some of our community’s elders by speaking to them in their native Taishanese, Cantonese, Mandarin or Spanish during their treatments. 

If you need a specialist to service your community, please reach out to us. We do not serve individuals in their private homes.

“I accompany my brother to all his medical appointments, as he has early onset of vascular dementia. He has had three visits with Dr. Hoy, who has been very patient and thorough with the treatment he provides. He listens to his patient and explains what he is doing during the appointment. He asks the patient whether he understands and if he has any questions or concerns. He is clear about follow up appointments and treatment. My brother always remarks that Dr. Hoy knows what is doing.” -Kerry F.