Prescription Orthotics Process

If you need prescription orthotics, the process includes the biomechanical evaluation (where we make angular measurements), the casting, fabrication in the lab, dispensal and check up.

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First Appointment: Discuss the condition for which custom orthotics may be needed, and treatment options for that condition.  If custom orthotics are indicated a biomechanical evaluation will be performed and prescription will be finalized.  Discuss with Medical Administrative Assistant about the orthotics policy and schedule a casting appointment.  This is a half hour appointment.

Second Appointment: Plaster casting is performed with foot in the proper position.  A $500 deposit is required for all patients during this visit.  This is a half hour appointment.  The orthotics will be billed to the insurance during this appointment and the orthotic warranty begins at this appointment.

Third Appointment: After the orthotics return from the lab about a month after the second appointment, the patient will receive a phone call to schedule this visit.  Dr. Hoy will discuss wearing instructions, check for proper fitting.  This is a 15-minute appointment.

Fourth Appointment: The condition for which the orthotics are made, discussed during the first appointment is evaluated to assess level of relief, with further treatment options discussed as needed.  Evaluate fit of orthotics and for adjustments as needed.  This is a half hour appointment.

Subsequent Appointments: As needed to evaluate any problems with the orthotic, and checkups to evaluate the initial condition.  These are half hour appointments.

To ensure a satisfactory result, our office has developed the following guidelines.

1) An initial evaluation and management visit is required prior to the fabrication of orthotics.  This is to diagnose the condition and present all treatment options available, coming up with a solution that makes sense.  These options include medical, surgical and biomechanical (orthotics).

2) The orthotics fabrication process will involve a new physical examination, new prescription and new orthotics.  The prescription may differ from current or previous orthotics you may have.  Our office does not verify the fit or function of, nor refurbish, orthotics made by another provider.  We also do not make new orthotics from molds created by another provider.

3) If you have other medical conditions such as back, hip, knee problems and are seeing another physician for these conditions, please inform Dr. Hoy before the process of making prescription orthotics has begun to see if any coordination of care is needed.

4) There is an adjustment period for the orthotics. Dr. Hoy will inform you of the break-in process and what to expect.

5) Our custom orthotics come with a six-month no lab fees warranty for any required adjustments.

We are committed to helping you navigate the process of getting a sound biomechanical solution for your foot and ankle problem which may prove to be very beneficial and satisfactory.

“My orthotics are working well, and Dr. Hoy and the staff are a pleasure to work with. I am glad I found this practice for my foot care needs.” -Linda P.