Prescribing Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are like eyeglasses for the feet.  With the exception of trauma and systemic disease, abnormal angulation in gait is likely the cause of the patient’s presenting symptoms. Movement patterns and mechanics of the foot, ankle, leg, core need to be considered in order to effectively manage these concerns to provide effective treatment that reduces or eliminates symptoms and allows the patient full and better function. The custom foot orthosis has as it goal to facilitate optimal functional and mechanical capabilities to allow the foot and body to function within the individual’s unique stable and optimal alignment.

There are many components of evaluation that Dr. Hoy needs to consider when fabricating custom functional foot orthotics.  These comprise the prescription of the orthotic.

  1. Biomechanical evaluation.
  2. Non-weightbearing neutral position impressions remains the standard for obtaining a precise model of the foot.
  3. Orthotic materials
  4. Orthotic width
  5. Heel cups
  6. Flanges and arch platforms
  7. Skives and posts
  8. Wedges and metatarsal cutouts
  9. Arch reinforcement
  10. Heel, metatarsal, arch and other pads
  11. Heel lifts
  12. Offloading cutout and Morton’s extensions
  13. Topcovers