Podiatry Institute Pacific Coast Conference Day 1

Dr. Hoy attended The Podiatry Institute’s Pacific Coast Conference which took place August 3-6 at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Portland, Oregon.  The following are topics of the continuing education lectures he attended on August 3:

  • Tendon repair
  • Achilles tendon rupture and repair
  • Complications after bone anchors for use in retrocalcaneal exostosis
  • Plates and nails
  • Protocol for conservative treatment of the Achilles rupture
  • Charcot foot reconstruction
  • New insights into the etiology of the adult acquired flatfoot
  • 1st MTPJ fusion with bone graft
  • External fixation first MTPJ fusion
  • Complications of 1st MTPJ fusion
  • Lapidus: Swivel Technique
  • Hypermobility of the first ray: cause or effect of hallux rigidus?
  • Frontal plane correction in hallux valgus surgery
  • Pain management