The Podiatrists’ Healthcare Team

Podiatrists provide comprehensive and integrated medical and surgical care to the foot and ankle.  However, they are part of a team of healthcare professionals.  This approach was emphasized during Dr. Hoy’s residency training.  This is a list of just some of the many types of professionals to whom we refer to help our patients get the best possible care possible in our community.

  1. Other podiatrists.  Some podiatrists are specialized to do a certain procedure or technique very well, and it is important to tap into that expertise.  One example is for reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery.
  2. Primary care providers.  They coordinate the total health, so are vital resources to assess stability for surgery, treat general medical conditions that may manifest themselves in the foot, and refer to other types of specialists.
  3. Physical therapists.  They work to relieve pain, usually chronic pain, through exercise and other physical modalities.
  4. Spine specialists (neurologists, physiatrists, orthopedists).  Many foot problems have their origin in the back.
  5. Vascular surgeons.  Sometimes there isn’t enough circulation to heal wounds or perform surgery.
  6. Wound care center.  Sometimes patients may have recurrent wounds, non-healing wounds or find it difficult to take care of their wounds.
  7. Prosthetics and orthotics.  Special shoes may need to be made for a patient, or the patient may need other durable medical equipment.
  8. Dermatologists.  There may be systemic skin conditions that need special diagnosis and attention.
  9. Oncologists.  For those with diagnoses of cancer.
  10. Radiologists.  To interpret imaging to diagnose conditions.
  11. Rheumatologists.  To treat connective tissue and systemic arthritic conditions.

These vital members of our healthcare team help give our patients the best care possible.  We are very fortunate to have a great medical community here in the Seattle area.