Parking Options

There are several choices for lot parking, marked numbers 1-3 on the map below.  You may park there or other nearby lots.

Figure #1: Medical Dental Building.  This is off 6th Avenue to the left after Nordstrom’s.  Go down the slope into the garage.  After giving your keys to the valet, go up the elevator to the 11th Floor and keep left.  Prices below, photo taken 6/11/2020:

Figure #2: Pacific Place parking lot.  This is across the street and there is some construction there.  Don’t forget to take your ticket with you and pay at the concourse level before returning to your car.  Prices below, photo taken 5/18/2020:

Figure #3: Bank of America parking lot.  This is across the street, next to the Bank of America building.  Prices below, photos taken 6/8/2020:

Sorry, we do not validate parking.  Thank you.