Parking Options

Our building is Figure #1 below, Medical Dental Building, with entrance on Olive Way.

At this time street parking is discounted.  Do pay attention to restrictions (no parking during a certain time of day, passenger load or commercial load only, etc.), but there are no time limits for parking.

There are also several choices for lot parking, marked numbers 2-3 on the map below.  You may park there or other nearby lots.

Figure #2: Pacific Place parking lot.  This is across the street and there is some construction there.  Don’t forget to take your ticket with you and pay at the concourse level before returning to your car.  Prices below, photo taken 10/4/2019:

Figure #3: Bank of America parking lot.  This is across the street, next to the Bank of America building.  Prices below, photo taken 10/4/2019: