Getting the Most from Your Custom Orthotics

Please observe the following instructions to ensure that you are optimizing the use of foot orthotics made specifically for you.  Thank you.

Instructions on Trimming Orthotics

1.  Your orthotics should be worn on a gradual break-in schedule.  Please do not wear them full time without an acclimation period.  Wear your orthotics one hour the first day, two hours the second day, three hours the third day and continue increasing the time by one hour each day.  Wear them for your daily activities during the second week and begin to use them with athletic activities beginning the third week.

2.  Please remove any inserts or foot beds from your shoes before inserting your new orthotics, and do not place the orthotics on top of them.  If the shoes with the orthotics are too tight, you may need to obtain larger shoes.

3. Orthotics are meant to work on a flat surface.  Do not use them in high heel, poor quality, loose or non-supportive shoes.  The best type of shoe for orthotics are laced up, have a small opening and a deep, stiff heel counter.

4.  Please check to make sure the correct-sided orthotic is in the correct-sided shoe.

5.  You must wear socks or hose when wearing your orthotics.

6.  Your orthotics can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap.  Do not submerge your orthotics in water.

7.  Your new orthotics are designed to change and improve your foot function.  You may experience an adjustment period of one to six weeks.  You may feel some minor discomfort during this time.

8.  If your new orthotics cause blisters or any other severe discomfort, discontinue wearing them and call the office for an appointment to evaluate the condition.

9.  Foot orthotic therapy typically takes four weeks to feel approximately 50% of the total benefit and two to three months to receive 80-90% of the total benefit.  These results can vary.

10.  Be sure to keep your follow up appointments.  These are meant to assess how well the orthotics are working for the condition, see if any problems are developing or adjustments to the course of treatment are needed.