Policies and Procedures

Welcome!  The following tips are designed to make your visits with us as smooth as possible.

Please keep in mind that Dr. Hoy only addresses medical questions.  Please make sure your cell phone number is listed in your registration forms as Dr. Hoy responds by secure text, or encrypted email if you do not have a mobile phone.  Ava Haroldson is your contact person for any administrative questions.  For questions regarding invoices from this practice or outside agencies please contact the number on your bill.

1. Making appointments.   Please use the Schedule Button above or reach out to us.  If you need to change your appointment, please do so at your earliest possibility.  There is a fee for a no show, no call.

2. New patient registration.  You will receive two notifications via email and/or text: an orientation and new patient paperwork.  Please submit an image of both sides of your insurance card and any health savings account information, and complete your new patient paperwork (including medications and allergies) within 24 hours to authenticate and confirm your appointment. If we are unable to reach you to obtain the required information your appointment will be cancelled.

3. Medical records.  It is the responsibility of the patient, not the referring doctor or our office, to gather all necessary insurance referrals and medical records for the appointment.  For imaging studies such as bone scans, MRIs and CTs please submit the radiologist written report.  We may not be able to accept outside x-rays; real time images may need to be taken in the office.

4. Billing.  Our team is trained, certified and experienced in insurance, billing and coding.  Please familiarize yourself with the details/terms of your insurance plan such as eligibility date, copay, and deductibles.  We verify for referral status, eligibility and patient responsibilities and collect at the time of each service.  Please be ready to pay when you arrive for your appointment.

Private pay and copays collected are a set amount.  We also collect a deposit at the time of services for certain services that are known to not be covered by insurances, as well as deductibles and coinsurances.  Deductibles, coinsurances and deposits for likely non-covered services are an estimated amount, subject to further billing or credit after submission to insurance.

Until the condition is evaluated we are unable to provide any information regarding total cost or what is involved in a course of treatment.

Please let us know of any insurance changes, or have any questions about your insurance coverage, well before your appointments.  If we are unable to verify your insurance benefits by the time of your appointment, we will not be able to accept your insurance.

5. The day of your appointment.  Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time.  Please allow approximately one hour to accommodate the clinical and administrative aspects of your care.  Our appointments are in-person.  Please click here for directions and parking.

Face coverings are strongly encouraged and available if needed.  Please make sure your mask is not vented and covers your nose, mouth and chin.  Those who have the following symptoms please reschedule and seek medical attention: fever, new acute cough or difficulty breathing, sore throat, acute onset of muscle pain or myalgia, acute onset of fatigue or malaise, new loss of smell or taste, acute gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, chills, repeated shaking with chills, headache.

6. Prescriptions.  Please contact your pharmacy for refills.  They will refill it if there are refills remaining and will fax a form for Dr. Hoy to sign if more refills are needed.

Dr. Hoy prescribes the least expensive effective medication for the condition.  Please ask your pharmacist if you need to verify insurance coverage for medications.

7. Outside agencies.  Our office exclusively utilizes various outside agencies as part of a patient’s medical care, such as other specialty providers, labs, imaging centers, brace shops, pharmacies and hospitals.  Insurance may not cover goods and services provided by these companies. Please verify insurance benefits with, and direct billing questions to, these agencies.

One tactic is requiring prior authorization.  This is where the insurance does not cover the service or prescription that is prescribed but requires a separate application process.  We will usually check to see what alternative procedures and prescriptions are covered.

8.  Forms and records.  If you need forms filled out (work forms, government forms) or need medical records, there may be a fee and a turnaround time of up to a week or more.

9.  Appointment reminders and survey.  We care about the quality of our services.  At the end of your visit you may receive a survey to complete. If you have upcoming appointments, you may also receive an email confirmation a week and then a day before your appointment.

10. Financial policies and patient disclosures.  We have been an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau since 2005 and abide by its Accreditation Standards.  Please see our disclosures.

“It has been excellent. Everyone is friendly, processes are reasonable, doctor is attentive and expert.” -Father Peter