Welcome!  The following tips are designed to make your visits with us as smooth as possible.

1. Making appointments.   Please call our office to schedule, leaving a voice mail or e-mail message or contacting us if we are not available.  We are likely working with another patient or on the other line.  Be sure to leave your name and call back number.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please have your current insurance card(s) or insurance information ready when you call or inquire about an appointment.

Appointments are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.  We are a popular office and will do our best to schedule you for the soonest appointment available.  You may ask to be placed on a waiting list to be notified of any cancellations if you wish an even sooner appointment.

If you need to change your appointment, please do so at your earliest possibility to allow for other patients to be seen.  There is a fee for a no show, no call.

2. New patient paperwork.  Please carefully review and fill out the New Patient Forms.  E-mail or fax them to us as soon as possible, along with an enlarged copy of the front and back of your insurance card(s) and a list of your medications with dosages.

If you have had imaging studies done at another facility or medical records that you wish to have reviewed, it is your responsibility to arrange to have both the images and radiologist report, and other medical records, delivered to this office by the time of the appointment to prevent delays.  New studies may need to be ordered for continuing care.

3. Billing.  We work hard to minimize billing surprises.  Our team is trained, certified and experienced in insurance, billing and coding.  We verify benefits and eligibility and collect at the time of service for those who are private pay, have a deductible or do not have a referral.

Please familiarize yourself with the details/terms of your insurance plan such as eligibility date, copay, and deductible.  If you change your insurance, please email or fax an enlarged copy of the front and back of your insurance card(s) or call the office with your insurance policy numbers before your next appointment.

4. The day of your appointment.  Please plan enough time to allow for safe attention with your specialty care, including for parking, by confirming with us the length for which the appointment is scheduled.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in, and allow for check out.

If you have a ride, arrange to be dropped off at least a half hour before your appointment starting time and picked up at least a half hour after your appointment ending time.  Traffic can be heavy here in Downtown Seattle.  Allow extra time and take public transportation whenever possible.

Your appointment is set aside for you only, and we try to run on schedule.  If you arrive late, in courtesy of patients with appointments after you, you may be rescheduled.

Though we make every effort to run on schedule, it is possible and inevitable in a medical practice that delays occur during the provision of care, due to multiple factors. This may result in appointments beginning late or the need for the doctor to answer urgent phone calls during an appointment. We will communicate these unfortunate delays as soon as possible and give the option to reschedule the appointment.

5. After hours telephone calls or messages.  Please leave a voice mail or e-mail message if we are not available.  Be sure to leave your name and call back number.

6. Prescriptions.  Fewer and fewer medications are being covered by insurance.  Dr. Hoy prescribes the least expensive effective medication for the condition.  If it is not covered there usually is not a less expensive medication available.  We cannot verify insurance coverage for medications; please ask your pharmacist.  Unless another medication has been tried and failed, we will also not be able to complete any prior authorizations.

Please contact your pharmacy for refills.  They will refill it if there are refills remaining and will fax a form for Dr. Hoy to sign if more refills are needed.

7. Clinical questions.  Healthcare can be complicated and we want to make sure treatment protocols are understood.  Questions regarding your care are encouraged, during and after your appointment.  All matters will be noted and investigated thoroughly, and communicated back to you in a timely manner by someone in our office.

8. Administrative questions.  If you have an administrative inquiry, such as billing or scheduling, our licensed staff will be glad to assist.

9. Billing questions.  For inquiries regarding bills from this practice, please contact the Billing Department.  Phone: 206-522-6640, Fax: 206-527-0147, E-mail:

10. Outside agencies.  Our office utilizes outside agencies as part of a patient’s medical care, such as labs, imaging centers, brace shops, pharmacies and hospitals. They are independent of this office.  Insurance may not cover goods and services provided by these companies.

When a request for prior authorization is made to our office, we will only provide: 1) the prescription or order, and 2) the applicable chart notes.  If after providing the above the request is still pending or denied, the patient can then choose to contact the insurance company on their own to appeal or pay out-of-pocket for the treatment.

It is the patient’s responsibility to verify benefits with, and direct billing questions to, these agencies. For customer service and inquiries regarding bills from outside agencies, please contact the number on the bill.

11.  Forms and records.  If you need forms filled out (work forms, government forms) or need medical records, there may be a fee and a waiting period of up to a week or more to process that request.

12. Financial policies and patient disclosures.  We are an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau and abide by its Accreditation Standards.  Please see our disclosures.

“My experience every visit is very welcoming, greeted on a first name basis and smiling faces. Reception is immediate and brief. The staff is both personable and professional, and I feel comforted. After a brief sign-in, time is short before I’m taken to an exam room. Dr. Hoy keeps up with his schedule and enters the room with a warm smile. After evaluating my condition he calmly proceeds treating my foot explaining his observations and advises me of any further treatment needed. I enjoy his professional and polite humor as we discuss the lighter side of the situation. Dr. Hoy’s work is efficient and he is very well experienced.” -Russell Y., 6/26/2015