Health Insurance Verification Service

Our office offers “Know Before You Schedule” Health Insurance Verification Service.  Health care is a very complicated process and insurance is very difficult to understand.  Our staff member Ava Haroldson is an expert in health insurance, having worked in many capacities for health care provider and insurance organizations.  Before you schedule your appointment, Ava will help you to understand how your insurance works.  The following types of questions can be answered:

  • Do I have a copay?
  • Do I have a deductible?
  • Do I need a referral to see the doctor?
  • Is the doctor on my plan?

The doctor’s fee is calculated based on what services are performed and cannot be known before the appointment.  But we can tell you what you will need to pay when you arrive to the office, after you see the doctor, and what you may be billed for later.  This will give you valuable information to determine whether you wish to continue with appointment scheduling.  By knowing ahead of time regarding your insurance coverage, you can concentrate on your medical care when you arrive to the office.  This is one way we can improve your healthcare experience.

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