Dr. Hoy’s Birthday

Dr. Hoy birthdayDr. Hoy thanks his wonderful employees Teisha and Diana for planning his 43rd birthday celebration.

On tap for this coming year, besides enjoying new family life, Dr. Hoy plans to join his staff, who are studying for their Podiatric Medical Assistant Certified exams, to study for his own re-certifications.

Besides his yearly practice management re-certifications, Dr. Hoy has his surgical board re-certification every ten years.  He is preparing for the exam in early 2015 by studying the latest (fourth) edition of McGlamry’s Comprehensive Textbook of Foot and Ankle Surgery.  He is looking forward to solidifying his knowledge on the latest and most advanced techniques as he brings the material fresh in his mind in preparation for the exam.  This knowledge will lead to improved clinical outcomes for our patients in the next two years and beyond.

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