Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a condition that is difficult to treat with few options.  Dr. Hoy can help you to identify the right treatment and prevent the condition in the future. The medical term for toenail fungus is onychomycosis. This type of fungus typically lives and thrives in warm and moist environments, which often include public … Read more

Diabetic Foot Care and Amputation Prevention

Dr. Hoy, having practiced in areas such as South Texas, as well as the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital, where diabetes is prevalent, is experienced and passionate about diabetic wound care and limb salvage. Diabetic limb salvage is often suggested when a person with diabetes has a limb amputated. Diabetic effects can lead to poor circulation of … Read more

How Does an Ankle Sprain Occur?

Ankle sprain is a condition that needs to be assessed by a podiatrist, who can take x-rays to make sure a broken bone or other serious injury has not occurred.  The podiatrist will also make sure it is properly stabilized to maximize healing, and provide exercises when it’s the right time. A common ankle injury … Read more

Types of Arthritis That Can Affect the Feet

There are many types of arthritis that can affect the feet.  We work with other specialists such as your primary care physician and rheumatologists, as well as provide local foot and ankle care, to get the condition under control. The medical condition that is known as arthritis often causes pain and swelling in the joints … Read more

Role of Podiatrists in Long Term Care Settings

One of the settings in which Doctors of Podiatric Medicine work is in long-term care.  Since 2005 Dr. Hoy has been serving residents of all types of long-term care settings in the Seattle area.  These include facilities such as skilled nursing, assisting living, memory care, adult family home, independent living.  [We are full and not accepting … Read more

How Do Running Injuries Occur?

Our office works with many athletes and active people, to get them back to doing the activities they love. Many runners know the importance of preventing running injuries. This is helpful in avoiding injuries that are caused by over training, wearing improper shoes, or running excess miles in limited time. Research has indicated it is … Read more

Aftercare for Hammertoe Surgery

Dr. Hoy is board certified in foot surgery, and performs many common procedures, such as bunions, neuromas and hammertoes. Many patients elect to have surgery done to permanently correct hammertoe. After surgery is performed, it is recommended to wear certain shoes that are designed to keep the toe in the correct position for several weeks. … Read more

Keeping Pressure Off Foot Wounds

The podiatrist is the specialist for foot wounds, as they are able to prescribe, offweight, perform various surgical procedures, and give appropriate referrals to effectively heal the wound. Wounds take time and attention to heal, especially when they are on the foot. Similar to injuries known as bedsores, wounds on the bottom of the feet … Read more

The Importance of Checking Your Feet Daily

It is very important for at-risk patients such as diabetics and elderly, who often have decreased circulation to check their feet daily, and visit the podiatrist regularly.  People with decreased circulation may find it more difficult to heal wounds and infections. Foot health is always important, but its importance increases with age. Foot care becomes … Read more

How to Care for Your Broken Foot

It is a myth that “nothing can be done for a broken foot”.  It is important to get a foot injury evaluated and x-rayed to make sure there isn’t a displaced bone that, if healed wrong, can cause long-term pain and disability. A broken foot is one of the most debilitating injuries one can face, … Read more