Cracked Heels

Heel Fissures from Chicago Health SMB Brands on Vimeo. Evaluation for cracked heels needs to include an assessment of the depth of any fissures and whether they are infected and need antibiotic treatment.  There may also be thick skin and callusing around the crack that needs to be trimmed down.  Once this problem is fixed, … Read more Cracked Heels


Frostbite from Chicago Health SMB Brands on Vimeo. Extreme cold temperatures may cause permanent damage to the structures of the foot and ankle, including blood vessels, nerves and skin.  It is important to get the condition treated right away, and ongoing treatment may be necessary to ensure the best function of the foot. Frostbite occurs … Read more Frostbite


Blisters from Chicago Health SMB Brands on Vimeo. Blisters are caused by increased friction on the skin of the feet due to activity.  Well-fitting shoes and even double socks may be needed to treat the condition.  If blisters are deep, the underlying skin could be ulcerated or cause an infection.  These conditions need to be … Read more Blisters