Flat Feet

We treat flat feet with over-the-counter and custom functional foot orthotics. The condition referred to as flat feet which is also known as fallen arches, occurs when the arch is absent from the sole of the foot. As a result, the feet may point outward as the foot rolls to the inner side while standing … Read more

Ingrown Toenails

Our office treats ingrown toenails with topical and oral antibiotics, and temporary and permanent surgical procedures If the side of the toenail has grown into the skin, you may have a condition referred to as an ingrown toenail. It is typically a painful ailment and is often amplified when touched or put into a shoe. … Read more

Ankle Sprain

Our office treats ankle sprains with immobilization, range of motion exercises and extracorporeal shockwave therapy. Real Madrid announced that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo suffered a slight ankle sprain in the team’s 2-2 draw with Barcelona. Ronaldo suffered the injury when Barcelona defender Gerard Pique ran into him from behind on the field. Ronaldo was seen … Read more

Morton’s Neuroma

Our office treats Morton’s neuromas with corticosteroid injections, metatarsal padding and surgical excision. There are several nerves that are located between the bones of the foot, and a condition referred to as Morton’s neuroma will typically affect the nerves between the third and fourth toes. Dr. Morton discovered this condition in 1876 and appropriately named … Read more

VIP Approach to Wound Care

Dr. Hoy uses the VIP approach to ulcer care and limb preservation.  This stands for vascular, infection, pressure. Vascular: It is important to make sure there is enough circulation to heal the ulcer or wound.  If the patient has poor circulation, the nutrients and healing factors may not be able to get to the wound … Read more

Patient Appointment Checklist

Is this the first time you have visited a podiatrist? Well, don’t worry. This handy guide will prepare you for your appointment and help make the most of your time with the foot and ankle expert. Before Your Visit: Make a list of your symptoms and questions. Make a list of all medications, allergies and … Read more

Dark Lines on Toenails: When Is It Cancer?

The following two researchers give warning signs for melanoma cancers with dark lines on nails. Learn about other causes of dark lines on toenails. According to Baran and Dauber, suspicion of melanoma includes the following: 1. begins in a single digit of a person during the sixth decade of life (50’s) or later; 2. develops … Read more

How Long Does It Take for Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Pain to Heal?

Many doctors report a 90 percent cure rate for conservative, or non-surgical, treatment of plantar fasciitis or heel pain within a 10-month time frame.  However, they usually fail to describe the actual time frame or the criteria for achieving what they often describe as “cure” or “successful resolution” of the condition. The conservative treatments recommended … Read more

Do You Treat That?

One of the most common questions we are asked is: Do you treat that? As a podiatry practice we treat all conditions of the foot and ankle. Some leg, knee, hip and back problems are also caused by the foot structure, so we treat the foot and ankle as well to solve those problems. The … Read more

Do I Have to Wear Orthotics the Rest of My Life?

Orthotics are like eyeglasses and meant to be worn indefinitely.  Eyeglasses change the shape of light to allow one to see better.  Orthotics change the way ground reactive forces hit the feet, to allow one to walk better.  They work to support certain muscles and ligaments, so that there is not excess strain on them.  … Read more