Recent Milestones in Podiatry

South Carolina.  On May 17, 2018, South Carolina signed into law H 3622, an updated podiatry scope-of-practice act to allow doctors of podiatric medicine to medically and surgically treat the ankle, and gain greater amputation privileges as well. The podiatry scope-of-practice statute was last updated in 1976.  This scope of practice victory was achieved through extensive grass … Read moreRecent Milestones in Podiatry

Ava’s Birthday Celebration, GSBA Cruise 2018

We celebrated Ava’s birthday with lunch at Tribeca Restaurant near the office, and took part in the Greater Seattle Business Association’s annual Seattle harbor cruise.  It was a great celebration and we had lots of fun.  Ava made connections with many professionals from around the area and won a prize. “This is a welcoming place … Read moreAva’s Birthday Celebration, GSBA Cruise 2018

Seattle Foot Arthritis Doctor

Osteoarthritis is a wear and tear arthritis that causes cartilage erosion and pain with activity or cold.  Treatment involves stabilization of joints such as through rigid soled shoes, orthotics.  Surgeries to resect spurs and clean up joints, create new cartilage, or eliminate movement of joints may be needed. What Is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is a condition … Read moreSeattle Foot Arthritis Doctor

What is the Difference Between a Podiatrist and a Chiropodist?

I recently had a patient ask me this question.  Immediately I answered her, “About 50 years.” The history of my profession is interesting.  Until the turn of the 20th century, chiropodists—now known as podiatrists—were separate from organized medicine. They were independently licensed physicians who treated the feet, ankles and related leg structures. The first society … Read moreWhat is the Difference Between a Podiatrist and a Chiropodist?

Cortisone shots

Corticosteroid injections, also known as cortisone shots, are often used in the treatment of foot and ankle problems.  A therapeutic cortisone injection consists of a combination of cortisone or other steroid preparation and a local anesthetic.  Cortisone as a steroid hormone that is made by your body to help handle stress.  The compounds used for … Read moreCortisone shots

7 Reasons to See a Podiatrist for Your Foot or Ankle Problem

 Here are seven reasons why you should see a podiatrist for your foot and ankle problem: 7. A podiatrist can prescribe antibiotics and perform surgery. When a person has a wound on their foot, it is important to see the podiatrist.  The problem is in most areas of the foot and ankle, unlike the abdomen or the … Read more7 Reasons to See a Podiatrist for Your Foot or Ankle Problem