Visit Cost

One of the most common questions we are asked is: how much will the visit cost?   Many people are under the impression that the doctor randomly assigns a cost for each visit or service. However, coding today is a very complicated science.  The physician no longer assigns a dollar amount cost.  The job of the physician … Read moreVisit Cost

Certified Medical Manager

Dr. Hoy has achieved credentials as a Certified Medical Manager from the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management.  He has been the President of the Downtown Foot and Ankle Center since 2004.  The accredited CMM Credential demonstrates commitment to excellence in health care office management.  Twenty four continuing education hours are required every two years to maintain this credential. … Read moreCertified Medical Manager

Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Award

Our practice has been awarded the Celebration Media U.S. Talk of the Town Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction for several years in a row.  The award was created to showcase companies that excel in serving their customers and getting their high marks.  It determines the highest-rated and top-reviewed businesses in all 50 states of the … Read moreExcellence in Customer Satisfaction Award

Prescription Orthotics Process

If you need prescription orthotics, the process includes the biomechanical evaluation (where we make angular measurements), the casting, fabrication in the lab, dispensal and check up. To ensure a satisfactory result, our office has developed the following guidelines. 1) An initial evaluation and management visit is required prior to the fabrication of orthotics.  This is … Read morePrescription Orthotics Process

What Is An Orthotic?

Custom orthotics are like prescription eyeglasses for the feet.   Just like glasses or contact lenses change the angles by which light reaches your eyes, orthotics change the way that forces from the ground work when they reach your feet. There are two types of orthotics, functional and accommodative.  The foot is made up of … Read moreWhat Is An Orthotic?

Downtown Seattle Podiatrist

Our practice is located in Seattle’s Downtown Central Business District. Whether you work in South Lake Union, the retail district, the financial district, Belltown or the civic center, we are very close by.  Many of our patients work at Nordstrom, Amazon, Macy’s, King County, the City of Seattle and the University of Washington. Whether you are shopping, … Read moreDowntown Seattle Podiatrist

DPM vs. MD

According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons: • There are just over 6,300 ACFAS members, compared to 1,800 foot AOFAS members. • A recent landmark study from Duke University’s Department of Economics proved the value and cost-effectiveness of podiatric care on a large complicated diabetic population, and showed that lower extremity amputations … Read moreDPM vs. MD

Seattle Corns and Calluses Doctor

You may notice some thick areas of skin on your feet, possibly even causing some pain. It could be a corn or callus, but what’s the difference between the two, and why are they important? Getting its name from its resemblance to a corn kernel, a corn is a small, circular, thickened area found in … Read moreSeattle Corns and Calluses Doctor