Better Business Bureau Accredited

J John Hoy DPM PS is a BBB Accredited Podiatrist in Seattle, WAAbove is our accreditation and rating, please click to view.

We have been Better Business Bureau Accredited since September 2005, meeting all Better Business Bureau Accreditation Standards and supporting the principles of BBB which include ethical business practices, honesty, integrity, reliability and trust.

One of these Standards is clear disclosure of the following items:

1. Direct and effective means to contact the businessContact information can be found on this link.

2. Terms of any written contract.  These are clearly printed on the forms themselves and patients have the opportunity to have all questions answered satisfactorily prior to signing.

3. Any guarantees or warranties accompanying a product.  Our office makes no guarantees or warranties on any goods or services provided.  Any exceptions are listed on a separate contract.  We render the treatment that is consistent with the medical literature and standard podiatric practice.  This treatment is the basis of billing.  We do not guarantee the results of treatment.

4. Any restrictions or limitations imposed (e.g. limited supply, maximum number available per customer).  Not applicable.

5.The business’ return/refund policy.  There are no refund provisions on any goods or services provided by our office.  Goods provided by companies outside our office are subject to the terms of that particular company.

6. Any recurring commitment into which the customer may be entering, including information on how future billing will occur.  There are no recurring commitments.  Appointment intervals are suggested by the physician and appointments are made by the patient.  The following link provides information regarding billing.

7. Total cost of the transaction, including tax, shipping and handling, and other related charges.  This is disclosed by the staff at the time of the transaction.  The following link describes how costs are calculated.

For more information regarding the policies of the practice, please visit our Policies page.  Thank you.