Appointments with Dr. Hoy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We offer telemedicine appointments where you see Dr. Hoy through your phone, tablet or computer.

We also offer in-person appointments in the office or long-term care facility.

Dr. Hoy wears a mask, keeps social distance, sanitizes surfaces with every patient, and keeps the window open.

Ava, our Medical Administrative Assistant, works from home.

Please check in 15 minutes before your appointment.  Call Ava when you arrive in the office or on your phone for telemedicine.

For in-office visits, we will screen you for health symptoms. Face coverings are required of patients and those who accompany them for in-person appointments.  For instructions on making a face covering, please click here.  We will make one for you if you need.

You will see Dr. Hoy after the check in process is complete.

After your appointment, please call Ava again to check out, finish payment and make your next appointment.

Foot and ankle health is a very important part of good health, and the time to take care of yourself is now.